Healthcare Marketing Research & Strategy Consulting

Ladd Research Group is a global qualitative marketing research and strategy consulting firm focused exclusively in the healthcare industry, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other healthcare technologies.

Our philosophy is that exceptional insights can only be gleaned when the research team has a deep knowledge of the industry stemming from years of personal experience, combined with an understanding of the strategic business decisions you need to make.

This is what we bring to the table and what differentiates us.

Industry Expertise

We know your market and your customers. We do one thing and we are experts in it – healthcare.

Client-side Experience

We have a breadth and depth of cross-functional experience including clinical research, new product development, up-stream and down-stream marketing, and business development. We understand what you are going to do with the research results

Marketing Research

We appreciate that no two projects are alike so we don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. We design the right plan for each project – modifying methodologies to optimize the results and customizing reports to effectively deliver those results.


We recognize that having information, sooner, rather than later, is often a critical factor. We are nimble and can offer flexibility and turn-round time that other firms cannot provide. This isn’t just about how quickly we can get a project done but also about our ability to adapt as the project progresses – we understand that qualitative research is a dynamic process and there are a lot of things influencing timelines and requirements. We will work with you to make it happen

Simply said, we are passionate about what we do, authentic in who we are, and exceptional in what we deliver.